And the banner rises again…

LC Banner 1A number of Bank Toppers have been part of Adrian Yapp’s Eden Singers and we had many of our early rehearsals at Lee Clough Mission.  When the Mission closed at the end of 2012 we promised that their banner would have a new home…

The Banner – Lee Clough Mission 1895 – 2012

Lee Clough Mission was founded in 1895 by a group of worshipers known as “The Adult Bible Class” in a building on Penney Brow near a house known as the “The Lees” off Blackburn Road opposite St Paul’s Church, Astley Bridge, Bolton.  The two roomed building is a valley known as a clough, was rented from T.M.Hesketh & Co Ltd., Cotton Spinners, and was subsequently named Lee Clough Mission.

In 1965, when Asda bought the surrounding land, the property was sold and demolished.  A new building was built on Old Road, Astley Bridge, Bolton.  It was dedicated to God’s service and officially opened by the Reverend John Davis of the Methodist Church, Astley Bridge on Saturday 12th November 1966.

The church banner was created in the 1940’s and progressed at the head od the procession walks of dedication annually on Sermons Sundays around Astley Bridge.  It was carried by a succession of young men and balanced by four cords held by proud members of the congregation.  The processions, often of over a hundred people, were usually led by a local band, the Boys’ Brigade or the Salvation Army.  Following the banner were “The Little Singers” in their white dresses and veils and then the remaining members.  When not in use the banner was on permanent display in the church, in the children’s corner, on view to the whole congregation.

Sadly, due to a declining congregation, Lee Clough Mission had to close at the end of 2012.  The Trustees are very grateful to Bank Top Church for displaying and caring for this wonderful historical memory of Lee Clough Mission.

7 comments on “And the banner rises again…

  1. I attended Lee Clough Mission with my parents and brother and sister back in the 1940’s/50’s. My parents, William [Bill} Eastham and Edith Stanford were married at St Paul’s in 1937 and we were christened at St Paul’s, Brian 1940, me Derek 1944 and Kathleen 1948 but we only ever went to the Mission.
    I have lots of happy memories, “field days” walking on sermons day, playing on the slag heaps at the side of Hesketh’s Mill, concert parties and prize day, when those who had not missed any Sundays got a book.
    Thanks for posting this article
    Derek Eastham

    • HI DEREK

      My grandfather George warren , was a lay preacher at lee clough on penny lane . and was on a large photo which was

      in the old mission . My father Harold warren married Margaret Kenny , a catholic so my brothers and I went to holy infants .

      great times in astley bridge then . Hope you are well Derek . phil warren

      • Hi Phil, only just read your reply, I and my wife are fine, living in Bury since we got married in 1970, hope you are well Derek

  2. My Grandad was Eli Chance. He was one of the elders of Lee clough Mission in the 60s. His name was on a plaque on the wall. He died before I was born. I too remember field days and putting concerts on. I especially remember walking day in my white dress and new socks. It’s a shame it’s closed I’ve nothing but happy memories of that place. I was also christened at St Paul’s and whenever we went past my mum would always say ” there’s your weather cock “

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