Cranberries at Christmas…

In the run up to Christmas,  Bank Top helped the Bolton Urban Outreach Christmas hamper project.

There’s more detail on their website here but in summary…

“In total 1200 hampers blessed 1907 adults & 1720 children, with 1271 chickens, 4800 clementines & 30,000 Brussel Sprouts! Thank you to the hundreds of people who helped make it happen, and brought some joy into the lives of people who were struggling at Christmas.”

Our contribution was to donate 100 jars of cranberry sauce which was well represented by our soon to be trademarked “Cranberryometer.”

We’re grateful to everyone in Sunday School who helped co-ordinate the appeal and help us reach the target.

In response to Urban Outreach’s Dave Bagley, Christine Catherall wrote the poem below to celebrate the challenge.

rsz_1120160327_125517CRANBERRIES AT CHRISTMAS

At Bank Top we have a thermometer

We call the Cranberryometer

It’s a kind of a barometer

That tells us where we’re at

On each Sunday morning

Just as the day is dawning

We bring in jars of Cranberries

Small and round and fat

These little jars of blessing

Used as a turkey dressing

Go into Christmas hampers

For Jim or Bill or Pat

At Winterwatch and Outreach

They do not try to preach

But put God’s love in action

Delivering food to house and flat

At this special time of year

It’s good to bring some cheer

To lots of lonely people

Wherever they are at

So let’s thank the Lord above

For showing us his love this Christmas time

May the gift of his dear Son touch the hearts of everyone

This is my prayer for you this Christmas time

Christine Catherall




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