Getting through tough times…

This comes from a Catholic priest called Fr Richard Rohr, just seemed something worth sharing in these strange times…

When triggered or caught by something unpleasant, begin by simply being present to your feeling, experiencing it not just mentally but also emotionally and physically. Don’t try to rationalize or explain the feeling, but witness and give attention to this sensation.

Welcome the feeling, speaking aloud, if you can: “Welcome, [anger, fear, hunger, longing, etc.].” Repeat this as many times as you need to truly sense yourself embracing and receiving the feeling.

Finally, let go of the feeling, perhaps speaking these words by Mary Mrozowski, the originator of Welcoming Prayer:

I let go of my desire for security and survival.
I let go of my desire for esteem and affection.
I let go of my desire for power and control.
I let go of my desire to change the situation.





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