Remembering our First World War dead…

On the war memorial in church are the names of seven men who gave their lives for their country in the First Word War, 1914-1918.

These are:

Walter Boardman

Arnold Ogden

Frank Boardman

George Ward

Herbert Hargreaves

Richard Fell

James Isherwood Bolton

To commemorate their sacrifice we have been trying to find out something about these individuals and we have put together what we have found, and displayed it in church.  You’re very welcome to come and see what we have pieced together.

The first named is Walter Boardman of Hugh Lupus Street, who Joined up In July 1914 and died at the Somme in August 1916.

The last of these, and we think the youngest, was James Isherwood Bolton, who died, aged 20, on Peace Day, the 11th November 1918. Having survived the bullets he tragically died of “Spanish Flu” on the last day of the war.

We Will Remember Them…

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