Sunday School Quiz

  1. Which brave young boy had a fight with a giant called Goliath?
  2. Who did God give the job of building a massive boat called an ark?
  3. What was the name of the lady who was married to the strongest man?
  4. Who got swallowed by a whale?
  5. Which man and woman lived in the Garden of Eden?
  6. Who was thrown into a den of lions by an evil King?
  7. Can you name a set of twin boys?
  8. Who was known as the Wise King?
  9. Who was Joseph’s younger brother?
  10. Where was Moses born? (An extra point for naming the nearby river!)
  11. What “job” did David have as a boy?
  12. Who was David’s best friend?
  13. What was the meaning of the rainbow in the sky?
  14. Which is the first book of The Bible?
  15. What instrument did David play? (An extra point for naming the King he played for!)
  16. Which book of The Bible is full of wise sayings. For example, “a wise son makes his father glad, but a foolish son is a grief to his mother.
  17. Who was given The Ten Commandments from God at the top of a mountain?
  18. Who killed his brother?
  19. Who made a bronze snake?
  20. What did God create on the first day of creation?

Look out for the answers next week!

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